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Sorry I have been busy with school and will update soon..

On this site I'll include everything about JAG, including episode reviews, cast biographies, a photo album of my favorite pictures from the show, and more.
I will be updating this site asap.. I have lots more Bio's and things to add. I am also going to add a link to my Yahoo Jag RPG. Please bear with me while I get the most of the stuff up..

JAG airs on USA Network and on CBS.. On this site you will find a schedule. There you will find a months worth of JAG.. It is easy to read and very understandable.. If there is anything you would like me to add to the site please let me know. I am going to be looking for Fanfic.. So if you would like yours posted please contact me..

Please let me know if you share my enthusiasm or enjoy my site!


This is my all time favorite kiss. It is also Sunshine's too.. Love Ya. S.

Thank you for supporting Harm and Mac..