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Warning.. Do not read unless you want.. This page is just spoilers.. *Rememeber not all spoilers are accurate so please just keep that in mind while reading these..*

I have found all these spoilers from various sites.. Spoilerfix and others. If there is one I am missing please let me know.

Season 10 Spoilers

These are not episode specific....
Mac suspects Webb may still be alive. Sturgis is acting JAG.
Mac pursues unanswered questions regarding Webb's death and finds she's become the target of an assassin. Meanwhile, Harm and Bud are swamped by paperwork while the team waits for news of Chegwidden's replacement.

Episode One: Going after Webb
Air Date 9/24/04
CBS 9:00 PM


"Going After Webb" -- As Mac tries to deal with Webb’s death, she finds herself the target of an assassin, on the 10th-season premiere of JAG, Friday, Sept. 24 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Terrence O’Hara directed the episode from a script by Stephen Zito, one of the series’ co-executive producers.

As she deals with coming to terms with Webb’s death during a top-secret CIA mission, Mac returns home to find Simon Tanveer (guest star Ed Quinn), a former British operative, waiting for her with the news that there is a hit man on the hunt for those associated with Webb. Intrigued by Tanveer’s story, Mac joins forces with him in an effort to uncover the mystery surrounding Webb’s death. After barely surviving an assassination attempt themselves, Mac and Tanveer enlist Harm’s help in catching the assassin.

Episode Two: Corporate Raiders
Air Date: 10/01/04
CBS 9:00 PM
Coates is cooking dinner in Harm's apartment. She sets the dinner on fire because she used too much oil. Mattie arrives earlier than she was supposed to for dinner because her father gave her a ride. Turner seems to be the one in charge of JAG for now as he asks Mac for reports on his desk and that he'll give her new assignments then. Mac and Harm investigate the death of Corporal Paul Sheehy. His widow is certain it was murder and Mac seems to think it was a mistake.

Episode Three:Retrial
Air Date:10/08/04
CBS 9:00 PM
Back in 1981, a seaman got in trouble because he refused to pay a hooker when he found out she was a he. The battle that followed ended badly... Harm goes to the Leavenworth Prison where Alicia Montes debriefs him about Seaman Wainright and what happened in 1981. Harm's task seems to be to reevalute the case. Mac and Roberts take care of the case of a man with four wives.

Episode Four:Whole New Ball Game
Air Date: 10/15/04
CBS 9:00 PM
Roberts is part of a panel including admirals and generals) reviewing candidates to become Chief Counsel to the Chief of Naval Operations. They review the file of Col. Cresswell, who’s a Marine. A Marine maybe advising the chief of Naval Operations sure has everyone in the panel discussing! The shoes left by Chegwidden are big to fill. The Secnav wants an honest assessment of the candidate as he is concerned about the possible lack of people skills… Cresswell is questioned by senators in order to see if he’s the right candidate for the job. Harm and Mac are sent to the USS Hennessey to investigate a case alongside with Canadian JAG officer LtCmdr Claude Pellerin.

Episode Five: This Just in From Baghdad
Air Date: 10/22/04
CBS 9:00 PM
A senior Defense Department advisor dies in an ambush while on a mission with U.S. Marines in Bagdad. Mac and Harm investigate even if there are a lot of JAG officers in Iraq. The new JAG appears in this episode.

Episode Six: One Big Boat
Air Date: 11/05/04
CBS 9:00 PM
Midshipman Dupree from episodes "Secret Agent Man" and "Pulse Rate" and Mike Roberts are on a Naval Academy sailboat. The sailboat is caught in a nasty squall. A female midshipman is thrown overboard but as they save her, another shipman goes missing. Mac goes to the Academy to investigate what happened and if the commander in charge of the training sailboat was at fault. Turner will face Mac in the courtroom. Harm gives Mattie a gift.

All the current spoilers were found at Spoilerfix.com.. Please visit them as they update. Or here. To stay up on the latest JAG happenings.

Thank you for supporting Harm and Mac..