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Authors: Sarah, Connie, Mandy, Amanda

Andy and Clay were just getting the food set out for their guests.
They would be dining on shish kabobs, fresh veggies with tsatsiki
sauce, honey dipped pastry puffs and chocolate covered strawberries
for the evening's 'festivities'...Andy smiled as she surveyed the
family room. She had thought it would be more 'cozy' for all of them
to sit on floor pillows around the fireplace and coffee table, rather
than in the huge formal dining room. Olga would be out for the whole
evening and Andy had dismissed the housekeeper after she got the
guestrooms ready. She smiled in anticipation of the activities that
Jen had described in her phone call a few days ago.
Clay had asked her time and time again, what was going to be going
on, but Andy refused to tell him anything beyond the fact that they
were going to have a 'couples night'. He frowned when she wouldn't
say anything else, but he didn't mention it again. He almost did
earlier when she came down the stairs dressed in a long black skirt,
slitted up both sides and a black low-cut v-necked sweater.
When he had questioned her choice of attire, she just smirked and
suggested that he run over to his Mother's home and change out of his
trademark 3 pc suit. He ended up opting for a pair of khaki dockers
and a dark green polo shirt.
Suddenly the doorbell rang and Andy smiled at Clay,"They're here,
shall we go and let them in?"
Clay smirked,"Do we have to? Can we atleast leave Harm outside for a
Andy elbowed him in the ribs,"Clayton! That was just wrong...he is
your friend."
Clay chuckled and grabbed her hand as they walked into the foyer and
opened the door....
Mac takes Harm's hand and leads him inside.
Harm smiles at Andy. why do I have a feeling you are up to something?
Do you know what's going on? He looks at her outstretched hand. What's
that for?
Mac shakes her head.  I have no idea.
Andy gave Harm a look of feigned innocence,"Moi? Up to something?
Never...Yes- I know what is going on, but Ican't tell you...it's
She giggled as he looked at her hand. "What is what for?"
He smiles the out stretched hand, OMG he proposed.
Mac smiles.  Congratulations you two.  Maybe soon you'll be joining
the ranks of Mommy and Daddy.
Andy chuckled at Mac,"Thank you...but lets just take it one step at a
time.We are still debating on the date for the wedding."
You're welcome.  Just don't wait five years like we did.

Thank you for supporting Harm and Mac..