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This is our First fic together it is a work in progress. So read and review..

First Chapter:
Harm gets up and follows Mac toward his bedroom.When they reach the stairs he  picks her up and carries her then lightly sets her down on the bed. Mac gets up on her knees and starts to unbutton Harm's shirt.  Each button she unbuttons reveals to her more of his creamy skin to kiss.He slowly starts to kiss her as passionately as possible.Mac puts her arms around Harm's waist.  Mac looks at Harm with her eyes big and bright.He reaches for her waist finding the waist band he pulls her close.Mac puts her arms around Harm's waist.Mac looks at Harm with her eyes big and bright.Harm reaches his hand to her face then caresses her cheek. He then decides to be brave and reaches for her waist band where earlier he had observed a cute button. He starts to unbutton it but not knowing what Mac was thinking stops. Her eyes may have been big and bright cause she was scared he thought I don't wanna hurt her or treat her bad so he decides to leave the button unbuttoned but not attempt the zipper till he was sure how she was gonna react. He loved her with all his heart and would never do anything to hurt her so he decides that this is going to be different he is going to be a gentlemen. He wanted to just touch her, or hold her he didn't know she looked so gorgeous there on her knees bent forward with her shirt off but then again they weren't thinking. He didn't know or care at that moment he decided to slowly advance on the bed. Mac can sense Harm being hesitant.She spurs him on by putting his hand on the zipper.Harm wasn't  sure if she was just doing this cause she knew he wanted to or because she did. He climbed on and began to unzip the pants. Once unzipped he begins to slowly remove then inch by inch till they are to her knees. He slowly runs his hands around her waist to the back then slowly gently down farther till he could feel her backside against his hand he gave a gentle squeeze then decided that maybe they were making a mistake his brain was telling him yes but then again his heart was telling him to go for it. He reach up to her bra hooks and starts to try to unhook them but fumbles because now he notices that his hands are shaking.  He looks at Mac with the most love filled look possible then he kisses her. He wants her to be happy and the look she is giving back is telling him she is happy so he decides to try again. once again he reaches for the hooks.As Harm unbuckles the hooks he looks at her. I am sorry for what I said earlier. I was just grumpy becase I haven't gotten alot of sleep lately.. Mac nods.I know you didn't mean to be grumpy, but give me a little heads up you are running on little sleep. She kisses his cheek and snuggles down.ckles Mac's bra she looks at him with all the love she can muster.As Harm lowers her straps, Mac moves her arms out and Harm throws the bra on the ground. Harm slowly begins to lower her to the bed. He decides that this is what she wants he slowly almost mythodicly brings his hand to her back making sure she did not hit the bed to hard. Harm reaches down to his own waist and triess to unbutton his pants but now he doesn't know if he is nervous or jumpy or scared but his hands are shaking so bad he can't un button them. Mac smiles as he fumbles with his buttons.  Mac steadies his hand and helps him unbutton the offending garment.Just as he begins to start to kiss her for her help the phone rings. harm says in a husky voice let the answering machine get it. Then he closes his mouth over hers.The answering machine picks up.I can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.Thanks.  The nurse starts talking at the beep.I'm trying to reach the guardian of Mattie Grace and Chloe Madison. This is George Washington Hospital.If you could come down to the emergency room as soon as you get this it would be appreciated.It doesn't register with Harm right away, but Mac had got it. Harm was in her way then all the sudden he just started kissing her again.Mac suddenly freezes. Harm, sweetie, stop a second.  Go play the message.  It was the ER at George Washington.  All the sudden Harm stops.  The girls.Harm hesitates a second before stopping then replies what is the matter.That was George Washington Hospital.  The minute Harm hears hospital he's up and getting dressed again.Nothing had better have happened to the girls. 

All of the chapter is up now..Please review!

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