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Chapter 2
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Here is the second chapter in this series.

Harm feels really bad about what happened to the girls and decides he is going to go to bed so he can get up as early as possible to call the admiral and tell him Mac and himself would not be in. Harm changes clothes and goes over to Jens to tell Mac he is crashing.He tells her then heads back and leaves the door cracked. He decides to get a beer before bed cause with everything going on he could use one so he grabs one outta the fridge. Then goes back in the bedroom to drink it and go to bed.Mac comes in after Jen gets home and sees the beer bottle on the nightstand.  She sighs and gets under the covers next to Harm and snuggles in.Mac only sees one of six the other five had made it to the hamper where he tossed them. When she gets in bed he is jarred a little so he is awoken and he wraps his arms around her. Mac kisses his arm.  You are going to have one major headache in the morning. Mac snuggles in his arms again and then falls asleep.The next morning before Harm even wakes up Mac has gotten up and gotten some Advil and water for him.He awakes when he feels something warm on his chest. It is not Mac it is Rio. He yells for him to get off but he doesn't. Then Harm throws him off the bed and he begins to howl. Harm hears someone coming so he puts the blanket over his head.Mac hears Rio howling. She smiles.Good morning my sweet puppy. Mac goes over to Harm and pulls the covers off his head.HARMON DAVID RABB, you get your six out of bed right this minute.He looks up at her I guess you are still mad about last night then I'd take it. I am so sorry about the drinking I just couldn't help it. I figured maybe I could drowned the guilt. He reaches his hand up to her. Come sit down for a second. I wanna talk to you. Are you mad at me for what happened before we went to get the girls?No sweetie, I'm not mad about the drinking.You can drink around me. I know you won't hurt me. No matter how much you drink, the guilt will never go away.  Mac takes his hand and lightly kisses his palm. They go sit down. No I'm not mad about what happened before we got the girls, but you just gotta get it through that thick flyboy head of yours that under no circumstances am I leaving. I need you in my life too much.Okay I know I just don't wanna do something you are gonna regret in the long run. He reaches over to her and pulls her close he said I just want things to be different with you all the other girls were just there but I really love you unlike them and I don't wanna sleep with you then find out we weren't meant to be. Does that sound dumb? Well anyway if you are sure I am free anytime.I'll never regret anything except that I didn't tell you that I loved you sooner. And no, I'm not saying that I don't love you anymore. I love you more today than I did yesterday. That sounds perfectly reasonable. We were meant to be from the first day we met, but we were too stubborn to see that. Of course I'm sure. Okay then he starts to get up , I am going to see if the girls are up. Is Jen there I don't want them left alone. But Mac stops him. I already went over there. Jen is up, Tara is still there so they aren't alone. Mac pulls him back down to the couch. Okay then he says with a look of unknowiness. What are you doing? I know Mattie will be mad if I am not there. And Chole will be if your not there. They were awake. They know they can call us if they need us.Okay well I think then I am going to go back to bed cause I could barely sleep all night. Harm wants to gets up and go to the bedroom and get under the comforter.But Mac pulls him down on the couch again.No way. No sleeping. We have a wedding to plan.Mac not right now please. I am really tired I'll make you a deal come in the bedroom and while I am falling asleep we can talk.Mac looks diappointed. Okay.I just wanted to pick where we are going to have the wedding is all. Mac follows Harm into the bedroom and gets in the bed with him.He looks at her I am sorry I don't mean to be grumpy but I need some sleep. He leans over and pecks her on the cheek. Then kisses the side of her neck there is just a little showing cause her button up shirt from last night was covering the rest.Mac nods. I know you didn't mean to be grumpy, but give me a little heads up you are running on little sleep. She kisses his cheek and snuggles down. He says you know I could stay awake if you wanna talk. He reaches for her top button but then decides how could I be thinking about what was under the shirt at a time like this.Mac smiles.Okay.We can talk.Or did you have something else in mind? Well talking or whatever would be good. I don't wanna force anything on you. He gives her this look then decides that he is at least gonna unbutton the top three buttons. When he reaches he looks at her asking for approval but not wanting to ask with words.Mac can see what he's thinking and nods.He unbuttons the first one then he reaches for the second then the third before he knows it he unbuttoned her whole shirt. He tosses it to the foot of the bed. He then reaches over and begins kissing her shoulders then running his hands across her chest.He wasn't sure what to do but did it all anyway. He reaches for a strap just to move it a little and the next thing he knows he had slid it down to her elbow. He kisses her and each kiss is hot and passionate. Mac returns each kiss with more passion than the last.He slowly reaches for her waist moving his hands slow making sure he touched everypart of her body. Then he reaches her pants there he decides to sit up and unbutton and unzip them.Harm kinda hesitates as he starts to remove them. Mac senses the hesitation.She urges him on. He looks at her and then slowly lowers them then pulls them off her legs. He reaches for the hooks to her bra. He unhooks them this time with no problem then slowly gently passes his fingers over the breasts that he had just revealed. It was almost as if for the first time. He slowly moves down a little further to her belly and begins to kiss it with long hot kisses. Mac grabs his head and makes him look at her.She kisses him with all the passion she can muster. Mac quickly takes his shirt and pants off. Harm looks at her and holds her face in his hands. Mac listen slow down whats the matter I thought we were gonna take it slow. But then he shakes his head and decides that it is now or never. Harm flops over on his back and pulls Mac on top then starts kissing her and touching her in the most romantic ways he could ever think of.Mac returns the kisses. Each becoming more and more romantic.He can feel her body slowly getting warmer and warmer. Her breath was very very warm now. He kisses her shoulders and chest then runs his hands down her back he can still feel the under wear she is wearing. Harm gently squeezes a few times then runs his hand under the smooth fabric.He looks at her for a second making sure then slowly begins to lower them little by little.Watching for any change in reaction in her face.Mac smiles.It's okay.If I didn't want this, we wouldn't be doing this right now.He looks at her once again then slowly lowers them the rest of the way. Then gently begins massaging her thighs he moves his hands from the outside to the inside then up a little. Harm stops and removes his hands then begins rubbing her back. Mac starts rubbing Harm's chest and leaving kisses everywhere she touched.Harm looks at her for answers about what to do next not knowing if they should take it to the next level.This would defintely be cashing in on there baby deal but he looks her right in the face and slowly moves his hands back to her thighs.Mac nods.I know if we continue on with this, we will be cashing in on the baby deal, and that's exactly what I want.Mac rubs his stomach and works her way down his thighs. Okay he responds as he slowly gently begins making slow soft love to her. He just keeps kissing her not thinking he knew that in their hearts they both wanted this so he doesn't hesitate again. Mac has a look of contentment on her face.They fall asleep, still joined together. Harm is awoken by Mac getting up to get the phone. He looks at her don't worry I'll get it. Mac nods and goes back to sleep. Harm gets up to answer the phone but decides that if it is Mattie or Chole he will get it and answer it, but it just turns out to be a telemarketer. Harm snuggles back up to Mac and falls back asleep.

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