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So what'd you think of last night's show?

Here I'll write reviews of each episode of JAG. Since the show has been on for awhile there will be reruns.. They play on USA and CBS.. I will also post a scheldule of this months episodes. Remember JAG starts again Spetember 24 @ 9 pm on CBS.

Here's the show review.

Automatic for the People
Airing: 01/07/05

Description:Harm investigates the mysterious crash of an F-14 near a California school yard.
Rating: TVPG

This promises to be a good episode. Of course Harm is in it!

Grade (on a scale of 10):we'll find out all the ladies ratings next week

Favorite Episode

I would have to say out of the last season.. Either Hail and Fairwell beacuse Harm and Mac is finally getting together or What If? Because it was very good.
Here is Sunshine's picks:Lifeline,JAGathon,JAG TV,Answered Prayers,All Ye Faithful,Yeah Baby
Here is Mandy's pick:wedding bell blues or JAG a thon
Here is Connie's pick: all webb all the time. She maybe a webbie but we love her just the same!




USA Network
October 6
7:00 PM Eastern Time
Season 2. Episode 7

The JAG team discovers an evil plot by a rogue CIA agent after two attempts are made on Admiral Chegwidden's life.

After Harm and Mac uncover the fact that all the members of the admiral's former SEAL team have recently died under mysterious circumstances, the JAG team learns that Chegwidden and his team were part of a CIA-controlled SEAL mission during the Vietnam war. Suspecting that the murder attempts may be connected to the mission, they start an investigation that leads to the rogue agent's plot to eliminate all witnesses to a terrible incident that occurred during the mission. But when the assassin kills Chegwidden's girlfriend, he decides to take care of the job himself -- even if it means losing his stripes

Hallmark Channel
October 6
8:00 PM Eastern Time
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USA Network
October 7
1:00 PM Eastern Time
Season 1 Episode 10

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USA Network
October 7
7:00 PM Eastern Time
Full Engagement
Season 2 Episode 8

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