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Harm & Mac Shippers Annonymus
Chapter 3
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Drum roll please.....Chapter 3...

A few hours later they wake up.Harm looks at Mac, she looks so beautiful even laying there with her hair all messed up. Harm kinda rolls to the side so he could hold her in his arms. Then he kisses her forehead. Mac kisses his cheek.Did you get enough sleep? Yeah defintely. He kisses her once then he kisses her on the neck.Mac tilts her head back to let Harm have better access at her neck.He looks at her and then says well I think we may want to get outta bed sometime so we can eat. He kisses her a few times.Just then, Mac's stomach growls.They both laugh.You have to feed me now sailor. Oh don't worry I am getting up right now ma'am. He reaches over and grabs his clothes and jumps into them. Mac puts her arm on his arm.Don't get dressed all the way.We might want to take a nap later on. Okay he said I just have to be decent to go cook. He tosses her a thick robe,here incase you decide to get up.Mac smiles and puts the robe on.Okay.I'll come help you out.Okay what would you like? He looks at the clock dinner? Dinner?No wonder I'm so hungry. How about something quick and easy.Okay like what spaghetti and salad? Take out? What? Spaghetti is good. okay you wanna do the salad and I'll do the spaghetti. I can do that.Okay Harm begins to boil the water and he decides since mac was chopping up stuff I am gonna go check on the girls.Mac nods.I'll watch the water. okay I'll be back in a few. He returns to find water boiling everywhere. Mac Mac where are you? Mac is gone. Harm looks around and she is no where to be found.Harm finds a note.  Harm, I have your precious Mac.  Meet me at JAG in one hour.  If you are late, say good bye to Mac.Harm looks around then shuts the water off. He runs to the bedroom and unlocks the drawer his gun is in. He changes clothes and grabs the gun. He runs over to Jen's I know you had plans but i really need you to watch the girls she sees the gun bulging under his jacket and shakes her head. Sure Harm let me know when you get back okay, my date can just come here we were just gonna watch a movie maybe I'll make him watch Top Gun. Okay.Thanks Jen.I'll be back as soon as I can. Harm goes back to his place and grabs Mac's keys. He gets down stairs and goes straight to the car and backs out he makes it to the building in about half hour. He gets out and enters. And goes up to JAG. Harm walks into the bullpen.  Mac screams out.  HARM! Sweetie, are you okay? He is looking at her his knees shaking not understanding what is going on.He rushes toward her.Mac shakes her head.  Be careful.  I've got something attached to me. I can't figure out what it is though.  Really he looks behind her and sees a large bomb. He kisses her who did this to you? Really he looks behind her and sees a large bomb. He kisses her who did this to you?I don't know.I cracked the door open after you left and I was getting ready to add the pasta to the water when the door pushed open and the lights went out.  Next thing I know I'm here. Okay um I gotta make a phone call.Just sit really still okay don't move.Mac nods.  Just hurry please.I hate sitting still like this.Okay I will I am not going to leave you ever. Harm picks up his cella and calls the admiral. Sir I kinda need you help me and Mac. Um he lowers his voice someone kidnapped her and now we are at Jag but she has a bomb strapped to her back. I'm on my way Harm.  Just keep Mac talking.If she's talking then she won't think about sitting still. Okay Hey sweetie I bet you are hungry right how about a candy bar. Mac nods. Hershey's? okay Um you want something to drink. Mac shakes her head no.  If I drink something, then I'll have to use the restroom and I can't get up. Okay yeah your right sorry i am gonna get you a hershey bar okay.yells from the kitchenette Hey do you wanna bagel or a donut. Yes!  Either one is fine.  I'm just so hungry and I would love to be in your arms right now.okay hang on a second I am coming okay. He grabs a donut and a hershey bar then comes rushing in. Okay um you just gotta sit really really still cause I don't know what you are sitting attached to. The admiral is on the way though. All the sudden the phone rings.Harm quickly answers the phone.Rabb. He doesn't hear a voice on the other line He just hears a beeping. He hangs the phone up and glances around the back of the chair. The timer had started. He had one hour to get her out of there. Harm looks at her  just sitting there in her robe. He took his hand and was rubbing her legs. Hey it is fine okay the admiral is gonna be here soon.Mac starts shaking.  Harm, what if the Admiral doesn't make it in time.  What if it goes off with me still attached to it.Okay listen to me you gotta quit shaking sweetie are you cold? He kisses her a few times. Listen to me he is gonna make it okay he will be here.I'm shaking because I'm scared.  I'm scared we aren't going to have our wedding or cash in on our baby deal if we haven't already.Okay listen to me we are going to be able to have both. Listen to me okay we are going to make it. Harm kisses her a few more times okay how aboutyou think about what we can do later okay don't think about this. How can I not think about this?  I'm sitting here with a timer counting down.Hey hey no listen to me if you get upset you wil shake and then it will go off. Okay he said let me help you. I want to he picks up his phone and dials the admiral. He hears a phone ringing down the hall.Harm puts the phone down and rushes to the other phone.  Rabb.It is nobody. Harm redails the admiral, Sir where are you?The Admiral walks in the bullpen.  I'm right here.  Mac sit perfectly still.  That's an order. Harm looks at him she has been sir. Harm, go call the bomb squad.  Tell them to get over here ASAP. yes sir,Harm goes to call and tells them to get here yesterday.They show up right away and Harm leads them to Mac.  The lead officer of the bomb squad looks to Harm and AJ.  I'll need you to leave and go across the room.Mac looks at Harm. Don't you leave this building without me. No Harm says I am not leaving my fiance.The lead officer looks at Harm. I don't care if you're the President of the United States, you need to be across the room.We'll leave the door open so you can see her. No he says I am not leaving I am staying right here.He leans over and kisses her.Then gives the oficer a glassy stare. The officer nods.  Mac looks at Harm and doesn't take her eyes off him.It is gonna be okay we have many things to cash in on.  Okay sweetie I am gonna be right here.The bomb squad takes the bomb off of Mac and the minute she's free she flies in Harm's arms.Okay okay he says they both fall into the floor his knees were shaking so bad he could hold her weight and his up.They sit there just for a little while and then they slowly get up and go back to the apartment.Okay  me and you are going to go over to Jens and tell them we are back.Mac nods.  Don't let me go.Oh don't worry. They go to the door and knock then open the door. Jen and a dark haired boy is making out on the couch. Hello Harm says. Jen stops and turns around.  Harm.  Mac.  I...uh...I...  Harm just gives her a look. Where are the girls? Um go on it is fine your house. The girls are asleep. They are still a little worn out.Okay we are going to be back at my apartment, um just wanted to let you know.Jen looks up and Harm just winks at her, she starts to blush. Harm takes Mac to his apartment and lays her on the bed.He looks at her I am never going to let you go again.Mac nods.  I won't let you.  Can you just stay here with me and hold me?Of course but how about that spaghetti first?Mac shakes her head.I'm not all that hungry anymore.I just need to sleep.Okay he crawls into bed beside her and snuggles up to her. Suddenly Mac starts crying.He looks down at her and then starts to wipe her tears away. he doesn't say anything at all. Mac wraps her arms around Harm and holds on for dear life.He reaches downs and kisses her. Then he says I know sweetie just let it out.Mac cries herself to sleep.  During the night, she starts tossing and turning. Harm wraps his arms around her and just holds her.  Mac slowly settles down and falls back to sleep. He kisses her neck and then when he just starts to fall asleep the phone rings and it is Webb.He jumps up to get it.Hello?  Harm, you may have gotten her this time, but next time you won't be so lucky.  Webb hangs up the phone. Harm puts the phone back on the cradle and holds Mac tighter. Harm looks around. He then gets up go to the door takes his keys and locks the door behind him. he knocks on Jens door.Jen answers the door.  Harm, is Mac okay?  She looked really frazzled earlier.Yeah I am sorry about earlier. Do you mind if I come in for a minute, then he looks up and sees the dark haired man sitting in the kitchen. He then says nevermind, Um just keep your door locked tonight we will talk in the morning. When Harm gets back he unlocks the door and starts in the house he starts into the bedroom and he notices there is a gun pointed at him. Mac sweetie its just me. Mac slowly sets the gun down and flies into his arms.  When I woke up you weren't here.I know I went to tell Jen to keep her door locked cause Webb is on a rampage. Why didn't you just call Jen?  It was Webb that got me?  Yes it was Webb he called and said the next time I wouldn't be so lucky. I didn't wanna wake the girls up. I am sorry, hey why don't you take a nice hot bath and I will make you something to eat.Mac nods.  Come in there with me.  Just in case I break down again.Okay I will okay just let me go put something ot eat on and I will be right there.Mac nods and goes to the bathroom to get the water running.Ham goes into the kitchen and puts some noddles in the water and starts to boil it again. He goes to the bedroom and pick up the little box with the earrings in it. He walks into the bathroom and leans down by Mac and says here.Mac takes the box.  She opens it up.  Harm, these are beautiful.  But I don't deserve them.  After all I got myself into this mess with Webb. Yes sweetie you do deserve them. He leans over and kisses her. I am gonna go check on the food and I will be right back.Harm comes right back. Okay that will be done in about a half hour why don't you soke till then. I am going to go call the admiral. Okay.  But don't leave me too long. okay, He leaves the bathroom and calls the admiral to alert him that it was Webb. He returns to the bathroom and kisses Mac on the back of the neck, back.Mac nods.  Harm, how am I going to be able to trust Webb again? You aren't and neither am I. We aren't going to have anything to do with him. Mac nods.  Good.  I don't ever want him anywhere near us again.  Do you think we can get something ordering him to stay away from us and the girls?I don't know the admiral said he would take care of  everything. He wants you and me to take  a week off, so we can plan the wedding and you can rest.Mac nods.  Okay. Can we do it tonight so I can get my mind off of everything? What exactly would you like to do? Let's get the bridal party lined up.  Loren and Sergei are in there for sure. Okay then Bud and Harriet. yeah and the girls. okay how about that erin. Yeah.  What about Sturgis? okay he could be with erin. how about gunny and chole. ok.And mattie and tiner. ok. what about Harriet and Bud.they could be like second bestman and maid of honor cause they are like family anyway.yeah they are.okay.Anna's our flowergirl and maybe Little AJ for the ring bearer. yeah, oh we forgot Jen and mikey. yeah them too. okay The admiral could walk you down the aisle. If you want him to? Yeah.  Okay he looks at her why don't you get outta the tub and then we can eat. Okay.  Can you help me up?  I'm getting  tired. Okay Harm reaches for her hand and gets her out he hands her a towel to dry off. Mac stands up and Harm wraps the towel around her.  He lifts her in his arms. Then he carries her into the bedroom. What would you like to put on a t-shirt or do you want pjs? Jammies please. Okay he hands her a pair of pj pants and the shirt that goes with the pants.He says I am gonna go make you a plate and I will bring it to you.Mac nods.  Thanks sweetie. yep He comes back with her plate. He starts to hand it ot her but then he notices tears streaming down her cheeks.Mac looks up and sees Harm. He sets the plate down and then he sets on the bed by her. Mac do you think talking will help?  I dunno sweetie.  I just want this to be over.  I just want to forget about it.Okay I understand this why don't you go over to Jen's I need to go do something.Mac shakes her head.  Don't leave me.  I won't leave you I promise. I just thought maybe if I went to see Webb I could handle this.No.  Don't give Webb the satisfaction.  Just leave him be.But I don't want him to ever hurt you again. But if you don't wan't me to go I won't. He leans down and kisses her a few times.He won't hurt me as long as you are around to protect me.Okay.He kisses her a few more times. You are so beautiful not to mention smart.If I was smart I wouldn't have left the door cracked.Mac it is okay you figured I'd be right back. I would have done the same thing. Listen... *kiss**kiss**kiss*. Okay I love you *kiss**kiss**kiss*.He hands her the plate before he can do anything else. He looks away then back at her here eat.Mac eats a few bites and then pushes the plate away.He gives her a look, Mac you need to eat okay. Eat I am gonna go in the kitchen and get something to drink.Mac shakes her head no.  I can't get anymore down.He starts to get up and says eat a little more please sweetie I will be right back and he leans over and kisses her.Don't leave the apartment. I am not going to. He comes back with a half empty beer bottle and a full one in the other hand and a cup of diet coke with ice cubes in it.He hands her the cup her its diet coke.Mac nods.  Thanks.  Love you. Yeah, me too he leans over and kisses her.Mac kisses him and leans back on the bed.Will you play for me? And I mean the sure let me go get it  he comes back with it in tow. I always love it when you sing to me.Really? He starts to play then sing and he looks at Mac and keeps singing, He hears a knock at the door. He sets the guitar down and goes to see who is at the door. He takes his gun off the table just for good measure. He opens the door to see whom it is it was Jen. Jen is something wrong? Jen shakes her head. Nothing is wrong.  I was just making sure Mac is okay.  Chloe saw you earlier and wanted me to make sure.Yeah she is fine wanna come in, she is in the bedroom. Jen kinda looks confused for a second then she sees the gun again. As she comes in Harm closes the door , whom was your friend he kinda looked familar from a distance and from the back?Jen blushes.  It's Mikey Roberts.   Mac sees Jen.  Jen, come on in.  Harm gives her a look really? Oh is he still there I would hope so since you left the girls alone? I'm sorry I didn't have the right to ask you that? Jen shrugs it off.It's okay Harm.He's still there. Okay thats probably a good idea, cause webb is on a rampage. He may wanna spend the night?Jen turns even redder.  Harm, you're embarrsing the poor girl.Jen I am sorry I didn't mean it like that.I meant cause Webb had already got Mac tonight once and I don't want him to hurt you or the girls. Mikey is a nice guy and he isn't like that any way. Well I don't know about him? But I know your not like that.Jen nods.  He's a lot like me.  He will just stay in my bed with me since the girls are asleep in one room and we'll just lay there in each others arms.Mac winks at Harm.Sound familar?He said Yeah but I know what happens after that now too. He laughs sorry Jen. Um I just meant so somebody would be over there incase Webb were to show up. I don't think he will tonight. He grins at her, Hey Jen it is absolutely none of our businsess what you do at your house.But thanks for the heads up. If you ever need a night alone the girls can come over or you could come over here.Jen nods.Thanks Harm.I'll get back over there. Webb knows not to mess with me.Yeah I am sorry about the sense of humor it's not very funny tonight. Okay night see you in the morning. Oh and the Mikey thing stays between us!Harm walks Jen to the door and locks up tight.  He goes back in the bedroom with Mac. Harm looks at how she looked in the pj's. Harm reaches down and rubs her legs then her stomach. Mac sighs and snuggles down in the pillow and slowly falls asleep. Harm picks up the plate and then goes to the kitchen. When he comes back Mac is laying there looking at him. Mac smiles. You stopped. Oh I am sorry, he sits down by her and starts rubbing her arm. Mac smiles.Thanks sweetie.You are too good to me. Yeah he looks at her and then kisses her. He was just messing around and was tugging on the top of her pants.Mac suddenly freezes. Harm lets go and looks at her, I am sorry was just messing around with you.I know sweetie.Normally I would like it, but after what happened, I don't want to right now.I was just joking I am sorry he leans down and places a few kisses on her lips then a few on the side of her neck. Honey, it's okay. It's just me. I'm just a little apprehensive.Okay he said as he slowly ran his hand down her side to her stomach.Then he just started rising her shirt up a little to reveal a little skin and he then took his hand and rubbed her stomach for a couple of seconds before he had realized that he had moved his hand up quite a lot to her breasts, When he realized what he had done he looked at Mac and she looked like she was gonna cry. Her body felt rigid. Harm stops.  Did Clay touch you there?  Is that why you are tensing up on me? Harm repeats again. Mac did Clay touch you?  Mac turns her head and starts crying softly. She nods.What happened and why didn't you tell me?He came up behind me I think and grabbed me right there and just started tenderly touching it. I didn't want you to leave me.He looks at her quite intently , why didn't you tell me you know I would never leave you. He removes his hand and brings it back down to her stomach. Did he touch you anywhere else at all mac, I wanna know now. He raises his voice just a little. Then he says did he rape you?I know you wouldn't in my heart, but my mind was telling me not to tell you.  Mac shakes her head.No he never got that far.  And he didn't touch me anywhere else.Are you sure? I love you as long as you didn't facilitate it I don't care. I would never leave you if he did it but all I know is he is so dead.Of course I didn't facilitate it.  I was trying to get away from him, but he had a firm grip on me and I couldn't get free.  Don't hurt him.  He's already hurt us enough by doing that to me. Mac I can't live with this knowing he touched you and I didn't do anything. I am sorry I knew you didn't.Harm, just forget about it.  Let's just worry about the wedding. Mac I don't know how are you ever going to get past this I just have my hand on your stomach and you are tense.Just keep your hand there and I'll get used to it again.

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