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Cmdr. Harmon Rabb, Jr. is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy
in Anapolis Marryland, upon his commissioning he qualified for flight training.
Rabb excelled as an F-14 Tomcat pilot until a crash on a carrier on a stormy
night killed his Radar Intercept Officer. He was diagnosed with Night Blindness
and cleared of any fault in the accident. But he was removed from flight status.

Harm spent a few months with his paternal grandmother, Sarah Rabb, in Belleville,
Pennsylvania. Rabb's mother Patricia Reed lives in La Jolla, California with her
husband Frank Reed, a Vice President at the chrysler corporation. Harm's father
was a Naval aviator during the Vietnam War. Rabb, Sr. flew Iron Hand missions,
to deystroy SAM Missle sites in an F-4 Phantom; he was shot down in late 1969.
His family was notified of his Missing in Action status on Christmas Eve 1969.
When Harm was 16, he went to Laos, accompanied by Lietenant Colonel Francis
Stryker, to search for his father. That trip bore little more than a romance
with a young Vietnamese girl who was later killed. In his travels with JAG and
his personal obsession with finding out where his father is and what happened
to him, he found out the the Commander Air Group (CAG) of the USS Seahawk,
Captain Tom Boone, was his father's wingman on that fateful flight in Vietnam.
Also, in late 1997, during an investigation abord the USS Hornet Rabb located
the diary of a Vietnamese Colonel that listed names of American servicemen
taken to Russia near the end of the war. That book was taken by a Russian,
former KGB Major Sokol, pretending to be a police detective named Mark
Falcon. In early 1998, Rabb was accused of killing a Russian who had brought
stolen documents to him which contained his father's name. This man was shot
by another rogue Russian, former KGB colonel, Mikhael "Misha" Porlovsky, who
burned the documents, calling them "fakes." Shortly after that incident Rabb
recieved a picture of his father and several other men, most were obviously,
Russian soldiers at a train station in Siberia. In May of 1998, Rabb recieved
another photo of his father with four Russians, dated 1980. He went looking for
him in Russia where he hear that his father was shot dead by Russian soldiers
in 1983.

Rabb is partnered with Major Sarah MacKenzie, a tough and knowledgable
Marine. He and Mac are assisted by Lieutenant Bud Roberts and Ensign Harriet
Sims. Their superior is the tough-as-nails former SEAL and CNO hopeful,
Admiral A.J. Chegwidden.

Harm was briefly involved with a woman named Maria Elena Carmerlita Romero
Guittierrez in 1995 and 96. But in the middle of 1996 he became interested in the
widow of a good friend of his, Annie Pendry. The two dated for a few months in
the beginning to 1998, but the relationship ended, due to Annie's inability to cope
with being involved with a Navy Man with a job that can be dangerous.

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