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Gunny first caught the attention of JAG when he testified in the court-martial of a weapons officer accused of being drunk on duty (“King of the Greenie Board”). After he sacrificed a plush civilian job in order to insure that justice was served, Mac convinced him to stay in the Corps and manage the JAG office. After a period of adjustment, he settled in at Headquarters. Between his stints in the Marines, Gunny was a sheriff’s deputy in New Mexico, where he was accidentally wounded by a fellow officer during a drug raid. He was accused of committing a hate crime in the fifth-season episode “People v. Gunny,” but was later cleared of the charges. In “Retreat, Hell,” he escorted a Hispanic deserter back to Washington to stand trial, only to be caught up in a property dispute that ended with him taking a bullet. He recovered and returned to duty, and at one point was dating a woman named Gloria (“Lifeline”). Gunny left JAG in the seventh season, feeling compelled to join the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan (“Dog Robber, Part One”). We know that Gunny has at least two (possibly three) sisters, and that Valerie, the youngest, has a habit of dating guys that he can’t stand. Gunny fans were pleased when Randy Vasquez reprised his role of Gunny for several episodes at the end of season seven (“Tribunal,” “In Country”) and season eight (“Lawyers, Guns, and Money,” “Pas de Deux,” and “A Tangled Webb).

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