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Tiner has been the admiral's yeoman since the beginning of the second season (“Secrets”). The first glimpse into his personal life came when he was involved in an altercation with Gunnery Sergeant Galindez outside a gay bar (“People v. Gunny”). Tiner was supporting his half-brother, Edward, who is gay, and he and Gunny were later able to become friends. He began taking law classes during the sixth season, and helped Gunny successfully protest a number of parking tickets in “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” He was promoted to First Class in the seventh-season episode “The Mission.” After serving him for a number of years, Tiner has a unique understanding of Admiral Chegwidden’s needs, and the admiral seems to be close to him. However, he has been known to trip over his words on more than one occasion, with amusing results.
Tiner temporarily left JAG and went back to OCS..

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