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Singer first appeared at JAG HQ in the fifth-season episode “Rogue.” From the very start, she made it clear that she is an incredibly ambitious person and will stop at almost nothing to achieve her goal of becoming the first female Judge Advocate General. She first crossed our heroes in the episode “Drop Zone,” when a mysterious file found its way into Mac’s car and compromised her case. Singer denied placing the file, but Harm warned her that he’d be watching her from now on. On numerous occasions, Singer demonstrated that she views dating as another tool to help further her career (“Surface Warfare,” “Lifeline,” “Answered Prayers.”) She attempted to win the admiral’s favor by aggressively tracking down his impounded car (“A Separate Peace”), but he later informed her that she still had a long way to go before he would trust her completely (“The Mission”). In the seventh season, we were given a hint that there may be some family difficulties behind Singer’s icy exterior, but so far no real explanation has been given. She apparently made a strong impression on Harm’s brother Sergei (“Capitol Crime”, “Family Business”). In the eighth season, Singer was assigned to take Bud’s place on the Seahawk after his accident, but her tenure was also cut short due to her pregnancy (“When the Bough Breaks”). In a shocking turn of events, Singer, along with her unborn daughter, was murdered at the end of season eight.

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