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Sturgis joined the JAG crew in the seventh season (“New Gun in Town”). After attending the Academy as a company mate of Harm’s, he served aboard nuclear submarines for the first few years of his career, possibly as a sonar operator. His reasons for leaving the ‘silent service’ and going to law school have yet to be explained. Sturgis was a key player in the Navy’s pursuit of Kabir Atef and his rogue Russian submarine during the episode “Enemy Below”. The son of one of the Navy’s first black chaplains (“Answered Prayers”), he is a highly principled officer, and he often avoids the emotional pitfalls that Harm always seems to fall into. He is the best distance runner at JAG by a long shot; he was a decent grease monkey while helping Harm restore his Corvette; and he’s apparently an excellent confidante, having kept Mac’s secret of being in love with Harm for nearly a year and counting.

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